Responsive Email & Landing Page Templates

Emails can get easily lost in the shuffle among a sea of competitors and spam. In today’s digital age, it is more important than ever to arm your company with a custom set of visually compelling emails and landing pages to drive your digital campaigns. If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to tailor your copy and messaging to suit the format of a canned email template, you are not alone!  My clients and I participate in a collaborative experience- not with standardized, canned templates, but with templates customized specifically for your branding, messaging, and audience needs.

Email Design: A different animal.

Email design is a fickle beast and there are many factors that determine deliverability, readability, and compatibility with various email clients and mobile devices. When creating email templates to engage your audience, it’s extremely important to have an email design and coding expert in your corner.

How does Outlook 2010 render tables? What’s the ratio of images to copy recommended to maximize your delivery rate? How does responsive design fit in? Choosing a designer/coder with specific email design knowledge allows you the peace of mind in knowing all of these questions have been answered, addressed, and all of your bases are covered. I passionately believe, that design and function can intermingle beautifully together, delivering just as much “visual punch” as that email comp your design agency just emailed you that is one big image.

my experience

With over 13 years of Marketing experience, my journey as a designer had taken me through a variety print and digital design projects. In 2008 though, I was introduced to email design and quickly found out that designing effective, engaging emails require a hefty amount of expertise. Since then I have spent years both developing and consuming knowledge for this little known niche. I have experience designing editable templates with Marketo, Eloqua, Mailchimp, Constant Contact and more!

Responsive Email Design & Coding

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